Ministries To Adults

Sunday School meets for 45 minutes at 11:10 every Sunday morning.  Our Sunday School program consists of a seven-year cycle of classes in Bible, theology, Church history and practical Christian living.  Generally three 12-week classes are offered during the Fall, Winter and Spring.  All of our adults gather in one class during the summer.

We encourage those who are members and regular attenders to meet each week in one of several small groups that gather throughout our area.  Sometimes the groups study topics chosen by the group leader and/or group.  At other times all groups study the same topic.  Meetings include time for refreshments and prayer.

A Women’s Bible Study group meets seasonally during the Fall, Winter, and Spring on Thursday mornings.  Nursery is provided.

The Senior Christian Fellowship meets periodically during the year for meals or special activities of interest to Senior Citizens.

Sunday Prayer Meeting  from 9:00- 9:20 AM, meets to pray for God to work in our midst as we gather, for our missionaries, and for the persecuted church world-wide.  We’ll meet in room 202.